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Circle Society

Home to a renowned collection of art, exceptional performing arts and educational experiences, and an innovative studio art school, AMFA provides Circle Society donors all the benefits of our core membership plus so much more.

Join today to discover and enjoy all that your Museum has to offer.

Upcoming Events

Delta Table

Saturday, August 10, 2024
5:00–8:00 p.m.

Experience a decadent, Members-only dinner featuring dishes inspired by traditional cuisine from across the Delta region.

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Circle Society Levels

  • Leader | $1,000 - $2,499


    • Donor recognition on the annual donor wall in AMFA’s 1937 Lobby
    • Donor recognition and appreciation on AMFA’s website and in the AMFA Annual Report


    • Invitation for two to a Circle Society event
    • Invitations to special events and exhibition previews

    Access and Amenities

    • Concierge services for ticketing and reservations by calling (501) 396-0347
    • Early registration opportunities and discounts on classes, workshops, and programming
    • 10% off Museum Store purchases and Park Grill meals (excluding alcohol)
    • Reciprocal membership benefits through NARM and ROAM at more than 1,200 cultural institutions across North America

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  • Sustainer | $2,500 - $4,999

    Benefits of Leader, plus:


    • Two additional invitations (four total) to a Circle Society event
    • Two complimentary admissions to your choice of a Children’s Theatre and Performing Arts program

    Access and Amenities

    • First preview of Museum Store new merchandise

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  • Champion | $5,000 - $9,999

    Benefits of Sustainer, plus:


    • Two additional complimentary admissions (four total) to your choice of a Children’s Theatre and Performing Arts program

    Access and Amenities

    • Special rates on AMFA facility rentals
    • Concierge services on AMFA facility rentals
    • Opportunity to host private shopping experiences at Museum Store

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  • Patron | $10,000 - $14,999

    Benefits of Champion, plus:

    Access and Amenities

    • Complimentary membership in AMFA Collectors Group
    • AMFA coffee table book, celebrating the new building, grounds, and permanent collection (Available February 2024)

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2023 Society

The 2023 Society celebrates AMFA’s most philanthropic donors who annually contribute transformative gifts of $15,000 and above. These generous donations support more robust exhibitions, educational programming, and statewide outreach.

Donors within this distinguished group receive all the Circle Society benefits listed above, plus a custom selection of unique perks.

2023 Society Levels

  • Creator | $15,000 - $24,999

    Benefits of Patron, plus:

    Access and Amenities

    • Curated gift from the Museum Store

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  • Builder | $25,000 - $49,999

    Benefits of Creator, plus:


    • Invitations to exclusive events with AMFA’s Executive Director or Curatorial staff

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  • Transformer | $50,000 - $99,999

    Benefits of Builder, plus:

    Access and Amenities

    • Highest level AMFA concierge services with Development staff to arrange special tours, reservations, and gift purchasing in Museum Store

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  • Visionary | $100,000+

    Benefits of Transformer, plus:

    Access and Amenities

    • Invitation to an exclusive tour of AMFA with cocktail reception for up to 10 guests
    • Exclusive use of AMFA’s private dining room located in Park Grill (excluding food and beverage costs)

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Collectors Group

Circle Society Members are also eligible to join AMFA’s Collectors Group. Membership in this group offers deeper engagement with AMFA by connecting emerging and established collectors with opportunities to learn about and be inspired by new trends in the art world.

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Fine Arts Club

Named after the intrepid women who began the Museum in the 1930s, the Fine Arts Club is an affinity group offering exclusive events, tours, and opportunities designed for young professionals and families with young children. For more information, contact AMFA’s Development Office.


Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts recognizes the following individuals for their generous annual donations supporting the Museum's exhibitions, programs, and initiatives.

  • Leader
    • Dr. Cheryl Ahart and Dr. Jed Darr
    • Kay and Overton Anderson
    • Elizabeth Andreoli and Joseph Goellner
    • Allison and Addison Anthony
    • Gay and Steven Anthony
    • Jenny and Wilson Anthony
    • Susan Arnett
    • Suzanne and Earl Babbie
    • Patricia Bailey
    • Drs. Katherine and Tracy Baltz
    • Debi Barnes and David Hadidi
    • Barbara and Jerry Barnett
    • Dr. Jay Barth and Chuck Cliett
    • Lisa and Sam Baxter
    • Maritza and Terry Bean
    • Emily and Robert Bemberg
    • Renee and John Bethel
    • Claire and Craig Betts
    • Jamie and J.R. Bizzell
    • Gary M. Blakney
    • Lauren and Alex Blass
    • Gayle and Tad Bohannon
    • Barbara and Steve Bonds
    • Ellen and James Bookout
    • Kyle Boswell and Jon Mourot
    • Sandra and Larry Bowden
    • Del Boyette
    • Peggy and John Brayman
    • Curt Bradbury III
    • Peggy Epes Brenner
    • Chad Brown
    • Robin and Lee Brown
    • Frances Buchanan
    • Callie and Randy Burns
    • Jeanie and Greg Burton
    • Emily and Brad Canada
    • Kathleen and Jim Cargill
    • Michelle and Allen Carney
    • Heather and Sam Carter
    • Roxanne and Leon Catlett
    • Meredith and Chad Causey
    • Donna and Dr. Donald Cave
    • Dr. Debbie Cerrato and Chris Cerrato
    • Amy Charpentier
    • Christy and William Clark
    • Meghan and Andrew Collins
    • Laura and Ken Cook
    • Charleen and Ed Copeland
    • Cathy and Kevin Crass
    • Mary Lou and Bill Cravens
    • Christine and Steve Creekmore
    • L. G. Cunningham and Christopher S. Valentine
    • Christy and Mark Davis
    • George Davis
    • Bryan Day
    • Susan Day and Skip Clemmons
    • Debbie and Rush Deacon
    • Maggie and Dick Dearnley
    • Lynda and Dr. Jim Deer
    • Jessica and Ghislain de Kertanguy
    • Nancy Elizabeth and Matt Dement
    • Donna de Varona and John Pinto
    • Tammy Diamond-Wells and Isaiah Wells
    • Marisha and Tony DiCarlo
    • Anna and Thomas Dickinson
    • Tabietha and Bill Dillard III
    • Pat and Mac Dodson
    • Kate Dolan and Christine Abbeduto
    • Anne Marie and Joe Doramus
    • Grace and Mark Doramus
    • Laura and Mark Doramus
    • Charlotte Downs and Michael McAfee
    • Mickey and Larry Drennan
    • Judy Fletcher East and Jim East
    • Gabrielle Edwards and Riley Hinman
    • Dina Epstein
    • Clayton Erwin
    • Richard Estelita and Charles Penix
    • Erin and Kyle Evans
    • Megan Eves and Joe Williams
    • Olivia Farrell
    • Josephine H. and Daniel H. Felton IV
    • Caroline and Bud Finley
    • Barbra and Glenn Freeman
    • Beth and Cliff Fullerton
    • Eliza and Alec Gaines
    • Julia and Randy Garcia
    • Tiffany Ghiglia
    • Neil M. Gillespie
    • Ann Marie and Alex Gray
    • Priscilla Green
    • Stacy and Jack Grobmyer
    • Jeannie and Rob Guthrie
    • Katie and Davidson Hall
    • Julie and Matt Hardee
    • Rachel and Rush "Buddy" Harding IV
    • Megan and Lucas Hargraves
    • Helen and Fred Harrison
    • Mary Katherine and Andrew Hastings
    • Sarah Henry
    • Susan and Herren Hickingbotham
    • Sharon and Dr. Joe Hester
    • The Michelle and David Hobbs Foundation
    • Carol B. Hodges
    • Erin Hohnbaum and Dr. Jackson Farrow
    • Wanda Hoover and Roger Steging
    • Anna Hopper and Jennifer Hopper
    • Catherine Hughes
    • Mimi M. and Joseph B. Hurst Jr.
    • Carissa Hussong and David Lusk
    • Lucy and Dorsey Jackson
    • Judy and Kelley Johnson
    • Kirstin and Glen Johnson
    • Danielle and Lance Johnston
    • Gail Reede Jones, MD and Jesse W. Mason
    • Jean and Dr. Gerry Jones
    • Julie and Dr. John Jones
    • Lisa and David Jones
    • Martha and Grant Jones
    • Wendy and Casey Jones
    • Laura and Christoph Keller
    • Eleanor Kennedy and Lee Abel
    • Victoria and Andrew Kessel
    • Emily and Whit Kilgroe
    • April and Kenny Kinley
    • Ashley and Kurt Knickrehm
    • Janna and David Knight
    • Crystal and Bradley Kohanke
    • Anjuli Koshal and Frank Kumpuris
    • Dr. Mary Bane Lackie and Bill Lackie
    • Lauren Landers
    • Jill and Frank Lawrence
    • Anna and Zachary Lewis
    • Erika and Courtney Little
    • Ann and Wally Loveless
    • Ruthie and Edward Loveless
    • Susan and David Lowitz
    • Charlotte Lunday and Brandon Griffin
    • Judy and Bucky Magness
    • Sabrina and Paul Mangum
    • Mary-Margaret and Matthew Marks
    • Sarah and Mike Marquez
    • Chris Marsh and Jonathan Parkey
    • Lauren-Blair and Lambert Marshall III
    • CeCe and Howard Martindale
    • Catherine and Michael Mayton
    • Lori and David McCauley
    • Michelle and Hugh McDonald
    • Mary Ann and Bob McKuin
    • Jessie and Robert McLarty
    • Drs. Carol and Fred Meadors
    • Kevan Beth and Steven Meadors
    • Susan and Andrew Meadors
    • Garry Mertins and J. Benton Dyke Jr.
    • Carl Miller
    • Meredith and Tommy Moll
    • Dr. Heather C. Moore
    • Heidi and Lee Morgan
    • Jaimie and Steve Moss
    • Marisa and Jake Nabholz
    • Emily and Jason Nadeau
    • Allison and Dr. Gary Nash
    • Mary and Quang Nguyen
    • Cara and Jeff Nolan
    • Barrett and Andrew Norton
    • Rachael and Dan Oberste
    • Laurie and Bob Osborne
    • Cathy and Steve Owen
    • Susan and Eliecer Palacios
    • Paula and Frank Parke
    • Melissa and Scott Peeler
    • Regina and John Peña
    • Janice and Phillip Peters
    • Nancy and Tad Phillips
    • Sandra Phillips
    • Tina Poe
    • Marilynn and Dr. Robert A. Porter Jr.
    • Leigh and Brendan Quirk
    • Claudia and Heartsill Ragon III
    • Dr. Victoria and George Ramirez
    • Olivia and Joe Ramsey
    • Kristen and Dr. Mikio Ranahan
    • Laura and Scott Rawlings
    • Mary Jane and Mike Rebick
    • Adam D. Reid
    • Cynthia Reynolds and Don Hill
    • Susan and Mark Reynolds
    • Dana B. Ritchie
    • Dr. Robert Ritchie
    • Susan and John Robbins
    • Carol and Dr. Porter Rodgers
    • Dr. Chadwick Rodgers and Eric McDaniel
    • Dale Ronnel
    • Elgenia and Jim Ross
    • Marisa Ann and Alex Rowedder
    • Melissa and John Rutledge
    • Julia and Bryan Ryscavage
    • Lizzie and Joseph Sanford
    • Melissa and John Mark Saviers
    • Vicki and Kevin Scanlon
    • Mary and Fred Scarborough
    • Marge Schueck and Larry Walther
    • Tina Shelby and Randy Cooper
    • Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt
    • Lauren and Bryan Stanbridge
    • René and Joe Starr
    • Lauren and Nate Steel
    • Laura Stephens and Cliff Brookshire
    • Emily and Tim Stevens
    • Charles O. Stewart
    • Dr. Mary Ruth and Trenton Lee Stewart
    • Barbara and Keith Sugg
    • Jan and Charles Sullivan
    • Cailin and David Swingle
    • Diana Taylor and John Senner
    • Emily and Dr. Joshua Tennyson
    • Catherine and Andrew Tew
    • Kelli Taylor and Travis Tucker
    • Marti and Dr. A. Henry Thomas
    • Carol S. Thomason
    • Jane and John Thompson
    • Meredith and Dr. Stephen Tucker
    • Toni and Clarke Tucker
    • John Randal Tyson
    • Mimi van Wyck and Ham Morrison
    • Shelia and Judge Larry Vaught
    • Laura Beth and Robby Vogel
    • Gus M. Vratsinas
    • Stephanie and John Wade
    • Anne and Tom Wallace
    • Kelly and Steuart Walton
    • Olivia and Tom Walton
    • Tonia and Terry Weatherford
    • Alexis and Hunter White
    • Cappy and Charlie Whiteside
    • Gladys Shackelford Whitney
    • Dr. Leah Wilkinson
    • Mark Williamson
    • Jolene and Louis Wilson
    • Mary Louise and Mickey Wilson
    • Megan Witzke
    • Alison Yamauchi
    • Jeffery Yarbrough and Darrin Clanton
    • Anonymous
  • Sustainer
    • Joyce and Hunter Babin
    • Paul Bash and Tony Owens
    • Pam and Rick Blank
    • Charlotte and Bob Brown
    • Leabeth Gilleland Campbell
    • Meredith and Graham Catlett
    • Stuart Cobb
    • Susan D. Conley, MD
    • Monica and Gary Cooper
    • Nan Ellen and Jack M. East
    • Dr. Martin Eisele Jr.
    • Stephanie and Wooten Epes
    • Judy Grundfest
    • Laine Harber
    • Kim Hillis
    • Dr. Elizabeth and Stuart M. Irby Jr.
    • Mary and Dr. Dean Kumpuris
    • Nancy and Andrew Kumpuris
    • Julie and Lynn Marshall
    • Susan E. May
    • Kerry and Grady McCoy
    • Elizabeth Michael and Dan Roda
    • Virgil L. Miller Jr.
    • Brenda Mize
    • Karen and Randall Mourot
    • Dr. Shanna Palmer and Tommy Hammond
    • Erin Parker
    • Nikki and Paul Parnell
    • John David Pinto
    • Mary and Dr. Robert Powers
    • Lara and Dr. Ethan J. Schock
    • Rebecca Slaven
    • Martha and Bob Snider
    • Laura Ann and Kyle Winning
    • Patti and Jim Womble
    • Robin and Keith Woodruff
    • Olivia and Richard Wyatt
    • Karen Yezzi
    • Diane and Randy Zook
  • Champion
    • Sharon Bailey
    • Barbara and Steve Bova
    • Kim and Mark Brockinton
    • Jack Cockrill
    • Sandra and Robert C. Connor
    • Mary Frances Cotham
    • Anita Davis
    • Elaine and Claiborne Deming
    • Cynthia and Robert East
    • Kaki Hockersmith and Max Mehlburger
    • Barbara Rogers Hoover
    • Rhonda and Tim Jordan
    • Martha Logue
    • Donna and Mack McLarty
    • Lynn and George O'Connor
    • Ellen and Shep Russell
    • Belinda Shults
    • Suzanne Tucker and Timothy Marks
    • Pat Wilson
    • Sherry Worthen
  • Patron
    • Veronica and Dr. Laurence B. Alexander
    • Lauren and Beau Blair
    • Le'Kita T. Brown
    • Robert and Whitney Chandler
    • Cindy and Greg Feltus
    • Jackye and Curtis Finch Jr.
    • Maribeth M. Frazer
    • Diane Suitt Gilleland
    • Stephanie and Kenny Gunderman
    • Linda and Rush Harding
    • Rhonda Harrington
    • Stan Hastings
    • Mimi and Jim Hugg
    • Lauriann Lines
    • Larry Middleton
    • Cindy and Chip Murphy
    • Suzanne and Madison Murphy
    • Sarah and Walter Nunnelly
    • Jacqueline and Michael Retzer
    • Rhodes Family
    • Mary and David Ritchey
    • Jennifer and Steve Ronnel
    • Rebecca and Gary Smith
    • Sarah and Jeff Teague
    • LaRand O. Thomas
    • Judy Thompson
    • Becky and Rett Tucker
    • Wright Family Foundation
  • 2023 Society
    • Dr. Loren and Tom Bartole
    • Anne and Merritt Dyke
    • Terri and Chuck Erwin
    • Robyn and John Horn
    • Rhonda and Steven Keith
    • Julie and Chris Keller
    • Michael Laughter
    • The Massey Family Charitable Foundation
    • Amy and Ryan O'Connor
    • Lisenne Rockefeller
    • Harriet and Warren Stephens
    • Katie and Miles Stephens
    • Mary Olive and John Stephens
    • Dianne and Bobby Tucker
    • Anonymous

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