Blueberry’s Clubhouse

Blueberry’s Clubhouse is an original television series for young viewers and families created by the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in partnership with Arkansas PBS. Blueberry, the show’s puppet star, was created at AMFA.

The series follows Blueberry, a curious puppet who guides young Arkansans through engaging and insightful activities. Blueberry and friends explore the stories, animals, and laughs found in the Natural State – including visits to the Mosaic Templar’s Cultural Center, Mid America Science Museum, Central Arkansas Library System, and other Arkansas destinations. AMFA created, voiced, and manipulated the puppets, designed and built the sets, and fabricated props to create television magic with Arkansas PBS on Blueberry’s Clubhouse.

Get ready, friends! Blueberry’s Clubhouse returns for Season 3 with new episodes starting July 8, 2022, at 9:30 a.m.

Season 3 Trailer