Art Garden

With Downtown Little Rock’s MacArthur Park as our canvas, the Art Garden will be a monumental work that transforms the Museum and the surrounding landscape into a dynamic composition of color, shape, and movement.

The Art Garden invites all Arkansans to be artists and help create an immersive art installation – the largest community-made art installation in the state – that introduces the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts as a Museum for everyone. Working with schools and partners across the state, the Art Garden will serve as part of the inaugural events of our Grand Opening to continue our welcoming legacy of creativity, inspiration, and education.

Instructional Materials

The following presentations and handouts will assist with the creation of the individual cyanotype lotus flowers that will be combined to make the Art Garden.

The instructional materials will go step-by-step with each process of the project – creating prints using pre-coated or brush-on cyanotype paper, and lotus origami folding.

To begin, download our Educators Guide to access an overview of the project and other helpful instructions.

Tutorial Videos


The Art Garden is supported in part by Centennial Bank and Judy C Thompson Rev. Trust.

Join Art Garden

Please contact us to find out how your school or organization can be part of the Art Garden installation.