30 Americans: Barkley L. Hendricks

19 Days to 30 Americans 

(born 1945)

Barkley L. Hendricks’s large-scale paintings and photographs epitomize black American urban style. His portraiture works infuse realistic depictions of contemporary black people with a certain romanticism. Dignified and fashionable, his subjects are not generic types, but rather recognizable human beings.

Learn more about the 30 Americans exhibition at http://arkansasartscenter.org/30-Americans.

To view Hendricks’s work visit http://www.barkleyhendricks.com/.


[lightbox selector=”.hendricks” opacity=”0.875″ prev_scale=”0.75″ prev_opacity=”0.75″ next_scale=”0.75″ next_opacity=”0.75″ orientation=”horizontal”]photo: Duke Photography/ www.collegeart.org